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Tatou 4S UTV $4,899.00 Shipped

Tatou 4S UTV

Camoplast now has a 2 year warranty

Camoplast ATV Track Systems provide the floatation, the traction, and the safe and easy operation to mover your ATV over snow, mud sand, soggy marsh, and other difficult operating environments where wheeled vehicles simply bog down and get stuck. And Tatou can do it with the reliability that will keep them going this year, next year, and many years to come.

Tatou 4S UTV picture
Tatou 4S UTV track picture
UTV with Tatou 4S tracks
UTV with Tracks and Snowblower
UTV's in Deep Snow
UTV with Tatou 4s Track in Mud
UTV with Tatou 4S Tracks on Dry Land
Tatou 4S UTV on dry land
For utility operations, hunting, fishing, recreational off-trail riding, farming and ranching, and many other applications.
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Unique 4 Season Riding Solution

  • Easy steering in all conditions
  • The most stable operation on rugged terrain
  • Maintains maximum power
  • Matches or exceeds wheel-system hauling loads
  • Performance equal or superior to the Tatou Original in deep snow

Introducing the new Flextrack™

  • Specifically designed for the internal drive system
  • 50% less splatter (mud, water, snow) than any other system on the market
  • 75% less snow build-up on the ATV
  • Thicker and re-engineered Flex portion
  • Easy and stable handling
  • Studded track option available (ICE Technology by Camoplast)


  • Camoplast Greatly improved traction
  • Exceptional floatation with very low ground pressure
  • Matches or exceeds wheeled hauling capability
  • Maximum performance when pulling implements
  • Exclusive technologies for superior performance Tatou 4


  • Outstanding durability
  • Ten years of ATV track system innovation, engineering, and 
  • Half-century heritage of molded track manufacturing
  • Warranty coverage


  • Systems for virtually all 4WD ATVs 300cc and up including side-by-sides and 6-wheelers.


  • Camoplast has Greater vehicle stability
  • Remarkable operational control


  • Easy switch from wheels to track systems
  • Easy maintenance
Track System Specifications
Track System Specifications
Weight Front: 95 lbs (43kg) Rear: 112 lbs (51 kg)
Offset (front & rear) Front: 26.5 in (673 mm) Rear: 35 in (889 mm) Total: 61.5 in (1562)
Offset (side-to-side) 7 in (178 mm)
Length Front: 42.5 in (1081 mm) Rear: 52 in (1321 mm)
Height 25 in (635 mm)
Mounting weight Approx. 6.25 lbs (2.75 kg)
Width Front:12.5 in (318 mm) Rear: 13.5 in (343 mm)
Length Front: 98.5 in (2507 mm) Rear: 116.7 in (2964 mm)
Lug height Front: 1 in (25 mm) Rear: 1 in (25 mm)
Note: Information might change depending ATVs and models.
Square ground surface 2470 sq. in (1.59 sq. m)
Ground clearance Increased by 5 in (127 mm)
Maintained speed 65%
Drive type Internal drive
Rubber track Front: Flat Rear: Flat
Frame Carbon steel
Sprocket 15 to 18 teeth
Installation time 1.5 hr
Subsequent 30 - 45 min

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Tatou 4S ATV
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